How long have you been in business?

Picture Perfect Window Cleaning has been in business since 2002, providing professional window cleaning and other related services to the City of Winnipeg and surrounding areas. And through our commitment to provide “a quality service every time”, we have nearly doubled in size each year in business and have quickly become one of the region’s largest window washing companies.

Why should we pick Picture Perfect over any other company?

We feel there are many valid reasons to try our services. All we can do is tell you about our company and the reasons for our success and why we continue to grow and expand our services. We have built our business and reputation through referrals, competitive pricing and quality work with virtually no advertising in our first five years of business. Window cleaning at the professional level is fairly straightforward. The difference between choosing Picture Perfect or another company simply comes down to the little things we do. We follow-up after every job as part of our guaranteed satisfaction policy, to ensure each customer is satisfied and have numerous quality control measures in place to help us monitor our work. If a problem does arise, we will quickly address your concern and correct the problem. We train all of our staff to take the time required to be meticulous in the quality of work provided to our customers. Our employees are trained in the most effective cleaning methods and are well versed in proper product usage and safety procedures. We clean screens, sills and frames of every window we clean, which is something seldom done by our competitors. We believe a prompt and accurate response to any questions or concerns is the key to avoiding problems, mishaps or misunderstandings. We strive to make ourselves accessible 24/7 – 365 days of the year to assure our customers receive an immediate response to any questions or additional services they require. We will customize a program to suit your individual needs, budget and timeframe required. Whether you require weekly or monthly or just a one-time window cleaning service, we will provide our services to the highest quality standards.

What if I'm not satisfied?

With our PICTURE PERFECT GUARANTEE your satisfaction is guaranteed, therefore if you have a concern or are not satisfied with the results of our services, please notify us at the time of our follow-up call or notify us within 48 hours of your service and we will quickly address any concern you may have and correct the problem. Our quality control measures are in place to eliminate or at least greatly limit occurrences from happening.

What are your Quality Control Measures?

It starts with training and clearly defined methods and expectations for every service we provide. We provide continuous employee training and upgrading in the use of the very latest in solutions, products and techniques for each service we provide. Quality assurance begins with a self-check process, which requires each staff member to inspect his or her own work to ensure it’s properly completed. This simple process is the best self-check measure in eliminating oversights and the potential for a callback. On-site support through regularly scheduled inspections by a Supervisor helps to maintain our high quality standards. Random unscheduled inspections by senior management also help to ensure our level of service is maintained.

How often should I clean my windows?

Many factors can play a role in how quickly your windows get dirty. In commercial situations many factors come into play from type of business (industrial, retail etc.), closeness to high traffic roadways, appearance requirements and in the case of restaurants even cooking has played a role in how quickly windows need attention. Most commercial accounts have scheduled programs to fit their requirements, which range anywhere from bi-weekly to yearly. Residential homes have some similar factors in determining a cleaning schedule like closeness to roadways, amount of cooking etc. Add young children with grimy hands; pets and an active outdoor lifestyle and windows can get dirty over a reasonably short period of time. Generally residential clients don’t require their windows cleaned more than twice a year.

Why should I have my windows professionally cleaned?

There are many reasons people are using a professional window cleaning service and there are many reasons to have your windows cleaned. We’ve heard them all! Who has time to wash windows with five kids? I don’t like doing windows. I’m afraid of heights, even if it’s only a bungalow. Not able due to any number of ailments. I’m getting too old and it’s just too much work. My husband refuses to wash them or even help, so why should I? My windows never really look clean when I do them. I’d rather be golfing, boating, at the cottage etc. etc. etc. I can afford it, so why would I do it myself? It takes me forever and it’s difficult not to make a big mess. They’re in and out and I hardly noticed they were here, except for my clean windows.

Why wash my windows at all?

The most common reason is cleanliness. Who likes the look of dirty grungy windows? Maybe you just want your home to look better before relatives come for a visit. Other reasons include: You get better transfer of light through clean glass. Dirty windows take away from the esthetic value of a home. Dirty windows act as a visual obstruction even when not overly noticeably dirty. Adds to the cleanliness people are looking for when purchasing a home. Glass is porous and will eventually permanently retain dirt and grime.

What is the process you use to clean windows?

Based on the scheduled contract requirement (commercial) or homeowners’ request, we clean the interior, exterior or both interior and exterior of the windows of the home or business. We pride ourselves on including all parts of each window including screens, sills and frames, which in itself, sets us apart from most other window washing companies. We use a combination of methods for window cleaning, from simply using a cleaning solution, bucket and a squeegee to advanced window cleaning technology such a Tucker pole that will allow us to do an excellent job of washing windows up to six stories high without leaving the ground. For Hi-rise buildings, window cleaning requires specialty equipment, knowledge and training and changes from building to building. We pride ourselves on continually exploring the latest technologies and choosing to use solutions, products and techniques to provide the expertise to ensure a safe working environment to enable us to be an industry leader in quality workmanship. Our cleaning products are non-abrasive, environmentally safe and biodegradable.

What kind of mess is left?

We go to great lengths to ensure no damage is done to any home or business, including wearing special protective booties over our footwear or removing our footwear while in your home. We use drop cloths when necessary and ladder pads and stabilizers to prevent any damage to your home, flowerbeds and shrubs. Our intention is to leave all jobs sites just as they were when we arrived with the exception of the cleaning service we performed.

How long will it take to clean my windows?

There are too many factors to be able to give a time frame. A very rough estimate for an average 3 bedroom residential bungalow would be somewhere between 2-4 hours. Depending on the job specifics, many additional factors determine the amount of time required. Factors that can affect the time it will take to complete a job: Residential or Commercial Number of windows Screens Size of windows Interior, exterior or both Security bars, Storm or French windows Bungalow, Bi-level or Two story etc. (residential) Multi-story using specialized equipment e.g. swing stage An estimate of time can be provided with your free cost estimate

Are you Price Competitive?

We are price competitive and base our prices on the industry standards. We provide preferred clientele pricing for customers using our services multiple times a year as well as discounts when combining a second service – e.g. window washing combined with gutter cleaning or pressure washing. We also offer periodic specials and have an ongoing referral program, where our customers can save up to 50% on their window cleaning. We are often asked by new customers to match the price of the person or company previously providing the window cleaning service, At first, I thought I was being given an opportunity to match a price because we had been referred, only to realize with a little research that in almost every case the previous service supplier was no longer in business. Since our choice is to stay in business, we also choose to maintain our already competitive rates and wish those that want to deal with a different company over what is generally a small saving all the best with their aggravation of continually having to deal with a new fly-by-night outfit.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit(visa/mastercard), debit or cheques made payable to Picture Perfect Window Cleaning, due upon completion of the work. Commercial accounts are billed as per contract agreement.

What are your days and hours of operation?

We provide our services 7 days a week Our regular work hours are 8a.m. – 6 p.m. but often work on commercial projects outside of these hours to accommodate client requirements, including night shifts.

What is the process for scheduling a service appointment?

In most cases booking an appointment follows a request for a quotation. It is as easy as phoning us and having us set up your appointment. Many of our customers use us regularly and have preset appointments month-to-month or year-to-year. We still call to confirm the appointment prior to the scheduled date. Appointments are generally made on next available appointment basis. If you are after a specific time or day, it is best to book in advance to guarantee you get the time you want. Although we work year round (yes, even in minus -25 weather), spring and fall are our busiest times and weekend appointments tend to be popular in spring and generally book up first. Note: Please try to give us as much advance notice for work to be done outside regular working hours.

What should I expect to pay to have my windows cleaned?

There is no real way of answering that question without the required information, which is best received through a site visit. You can also provide us the information on-line and we will provide you with an estimate. There is no cost to getting an estimate done either way. If you require additional work not included on the estimate we can always make adjustments at your scheduled cleaning. Our estimates are valid for 30 days. The most common methods used for pricing window cleaning are: Per window Per job Per hour The method we use, is the price per window or window equivalent. The price per window includes washing both inside and out, cleaning of screens and wiping down of tracks and sills. In today’s new homes windows play a significant part in the architecture of a home and even more so in commercial structures. Standard pricing seldom fits in these applications.

How can I get an estimate? Do I have to be home?

Although it is preferable that someone be home to discuss your exact requirements, we are able to prepare an estimate with no one at home. We will walk around the outside of the property and prepare an estimate based on our prior discussion and send you an e-mail quote or leave it in your mailbox. If you require additional work not included on the estimate we can always make adjustments at your scheduled cleaning. Our estimates are valid for 30 days.

Do I have to be home at the time of window cleaning or other service?

No, in fact a large number of our customers are away during any of the services we offer. We make the appropriate access arrangements prior to our arrival. Upon completion of the work, we will leave our bill in the mailbox. As with every cleaning job, you will receive a follow-up call. Note: We recommend first time customers arrange a time for their cleaning when they will be home. This helps our cleaning staff in getting familiar with your requirements and helps to have someone available for questions.

How will weather affect our scheduled window cleaning?

Picture Perfect works year round and in all weather hot and cold with the exception of extreme situations. Light rain or snow does not affect our cleaning crews and has no affect on the quality of work or cleanliness of your windows. Rain itself does not make windows dirty, only with an accumulation of dust and other outdoor pollutants on your windows will rain have an affect. That’s why window washing is required over a period of time. The dirtier the environment (close to busy roads) the more often cleaning is needed.

What is your Cancellations Policy?

We require a minimum 48 hours cancellation notice in advance of your cleaning appointment. A $50.00 cancellation fee is charged for cancellations with less than 48 hours, missed appointments or lockouts. Cancellations can be made over the phone 24/7.

What is your Rain Delay Policy in case of heavy rain?

If we run into inclement weather, which doesn’t allow us to complete your outdoor work, we will complete any inside work to be done and finish the outdoor work when weather permits. You will be contacted prior to the continuation of the cleaning to ensure the new time is suitable. We don’t want to show up in the middle of a family BBQ or birthday party.

What can we do to help prior to your arrival?

Our staff can and will work around most everything within reason in your home or business. Other helpful tips that help facilitate the window washing process: Ensure to provide access to locked areas or the back yard through gates Remove, cage or properly tether any guard animals Move objects, furniture, plants, etc if blocking access to windows If you are having the exterior windows cleaned, gutters cleaned or your house pressure washed make sure your windows are closed all the way. Equipment used for some services (i.e.. pressure washing) makes a fair bit of noise, while other services make very little noise (i.e. Window Cleaning). Please discuss any noise sensitive timeframes when booking your appointment.

Can pressure washing my house or building damage my house or landscape?

Yes, that’s why all of our employees are trained on proper use of equipment and products used in the cleaning process. We use only biodegradable and environmentally friendly chemicals that are recommended for the project and the appropriate nozzle pressure to best meet the needs of the cleaning project at hand. We use drop cloths when necessary and ladder pads and stabilizers to prevent any damage to your home, flowerbeds and shrubs.

Does Picture Perfect offer other services in addition to window washing?

Yes, we offer a full range of related cleaning services for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Our services include: Pressure Washing Post Construction Window Cleaning Skylights and Other Hard to Reach Areas Rain Gutter Clean Out Service Awning Cleaning Service Shutters, Siding, Soffit Cleaning Eaves and Downspouts Cleaning Porches and Patios Fence Cleaning and Sealing Sidewalks and Driveways Cleaning Handyman Services Estimates are free for any of our services.

Why should I clean my deck or Fence?

Unprotected wood is subjected to our changing weather and needs to be protected from the elements. Cleaning and sealing your deck protects the wood from rotting, mildew and algae growth, rot and decay, discoloration and degradation from the sun, as well as decay from insects.

How often should I have my deck or fence cleaned and sealed?

Many variables effect amount of time required between cleaning and sealing. Deck location makes a difference in how the elements have an affect on the wood. Life style has a large affect as well, how much you use your deck, do you have a pool (chlorine), is the deck covered etc. etc. The average time is every 2-3 years or it could be yearly.

What is involved in the deck cleaning and sealing?

Deck maintenance requires the cleaning of the deck of all dirt, mildew etc. and the replacement of any required lumber in the case of leaving the maintenance too long. This process usually requires some type of pressure washing or possibly just a scrubbing with a biodegradable chemical wash, possibly some sanding to remove loose wood fibres and restore your wood to a natural and clean appearance. This is followed by a water repellent and preservative coating to keep your deck in shape until its next required maintenance.

How often is gutter cleaning necessary?

Like most areas of your home that need cleaning, it depends on the environment around your home that determines how often gutter cleaning is necessary. It is a good idea to check them at least once a year, preferably in late fall after the leaves have fallen or early spring to ensure proper drainage. The number of trees in your area, the size of trees, or even the type of trees can have an effect on plugging up your gutters and how often cleaning is needed.

What is involved in gutter cleaning?

First we clean any debris on your roof which will eventually end up in the gutters. We clean any debris found in the gutters by hand or use a pressure washer to clean out a heavy buildup of mud and debris if necessary. Once the gutters are clear, we ensure all downspouts are clear and the entire system is water tested for proper flow. Downspouts that drain to underground systems will be removed so as not to plug up the underground system. We will clean up any debris that falls from your gutters and cover any area that needs protection.

When you clean my gutters, will the ladder damage my gutters?

To prevent damage to your gutters, ladder stabilizers are inserted into our ladders, which then rest on your roof and not on your gutters. When cleaning your gutters we also clean and check all downspouts to insure proper drainage.

Is there a method to eliminate gutter buildup of debris?

Yes, there are many types of gutter protection systems available that when attached to your gutter system prevents build up in the gutters and are available at most building centers. Please contact us for more information or to request a free estimate on any of our services. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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