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In an effort to always make your experience picture perfect, we’ve created a feedback form. Please fill out our quick survey and tell us what you think about our services and your overall experience with Picture Perfect Window Cleaning. It’s quick and easy and it will help our team continue to improve our services.


As an added bonus, all customers that submit a feedback form will be placed in a draw to win a free window cleaning. We thank you for your participation in the customer feedback form and for choosing Picture Perfect and hope we will be able to constantly improve our services.


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    Overall experience with the cleaning

    How satisfied were you with the service provided?

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    How professional were our cleaners during your clean?

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    Was our crew on-time for the appointed clean?

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    Overall experience when booking your clean

    How satisfied are you with the customer service over the phone?

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    Please rate your level of satisfaction with the way your questions were answered?

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