Rooftop Snow Removal

Why Rooftop Snow Removal?


Every winter in Winnipeg, home and business owners are faced with the issue of snow and ice buildup on their roofs. Our rooftop snow removal service is designed specifically to help Winnipeg homeowners and businesses avoid costly damage from snow and ice build-up.


The bright white snow and sparkling icicles may give your home that classic winter look, but don’t let the beauty fool you. Heavy snow and ice can cause significant damage to your home and can become a safety concern if not attended to. Damage to shingles, eaves troughs, roof, and building structure are just some problems that can occur if snow and ice are left to accumulate.

Commercial and residential rooftop snow removal

Safe And Efficient Rooftop Snow Removal


Removing snow from your roof can be very dangerous. Rooftops and ladders can be very slippery and unstable, while axes and sledgehammers can cause damage to your shingles and eavestroughs while trying to break up the ice.


Our experienced professionals take extreme safety measures when removing snow and ice. We are COR Certified, which means that rooftop snow removal is a natural extension for us as a window cleaning company. Our team is trained in safety procedures and the operation of harnesses and ropes used for descending and ascending homes and buildings. Also, we take extended precautions to ensure we don’t damage your property.


Our Commercial And Residential Rooftop Snow Removal Services Include:


  • Safe removal of snow from your house or building
  • Safety procedures to prevent damage to your home or building exterior
  • Clearing of snow from previously clear sidewalks, steps, decks, and driveways
  • COR Certification
  • Trained and experienced in the use of harnesses and ropes for ascending and descending

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